Welcome to the Supply & Advise in-house blog, “The Briefing Room”. Our mission as a menswear shop is to not only supply our customers with the finest goods, but also advise on how to best wear and care for them. We are not content with simply selling you clothing and sending you on your way. Our team takes pride in being there for our customers with careful attention and a discerning eye. The Briefing Room aims to extend that service outside of the shop.


As gentlemen, we strive to learn, improve ourselves and grow with each passing day. Few are the men who dress and carry themselves well, even fewer are well rounded individuals. We strive to cultivate the type of gentleman that can be the best dressed man in the room and be the guy who will roll up his sleeves to help a stranger fix a flat tire. It’s easy to look sharp, it’s harder to be sharp.


The Briefing Room is a resource that will help us all become more knowledgeable, more skilled and well-rounded men. Trends come and go. We find comfort in those things that will never change. The well-dressed man of today should fit in with well-dressed men from fifty years ago. The white oxford button-down is still the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe and is as appropriate on a beach as it is in a boardroom.


As the world around us changes, it’s said that chivalry is dead, we say that it’s needed now more than ever. We raise our glasses to you, our readers, our customers, our fellow men.


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