Consider your collection of shoes as a naval fleet . Liken the options in your wardrobe to different types of vessels: destroyers, cruisers, subs and so on. With that in mind, let's focus for a moment on the all-American "Gunboat".



With regard to footwear, the term "Gunboat" dates back to the post-WWII era, where American tastes called for things that were bigger, bolder and more durable. A distinctly American version of the classic Brogue became popular: the Longwing. What sets a Gunboat apart from it's less husky kin is its double leather outsole. The bolstered sole gives the shoe (and it's wearer) a more substantial foundation and provides extra durability and support on rough surfaces. These beefed up Longwings soon came to be known as -- Gunboats. 


A postcard featuring Patrol Gunboat 19,  the USS Sacramento,  nicknamed "The Galloping Ghost of the China Coast". 


In the naval sense, the Gunboat has played an important role in American naval history and had a profound impact on foreign policy.The term "Gunboat Diplomacy" refers to a strategy of projecting force through firepower in order to achieve a nation's diplomatic goals. American Gunboats patrolled China's Yangtze River for years as a way to secure commercial interests in the area. It's with this mentality that we like to lace up our Gunboats in the morning.



We carry four gunboats in our shop, all handmade by Alden of Massachusetts. We firmly believe that these are the finest gunboats made. The 975 & 9751 in Shell Cordovan may be the quintessential example of this all-American shoe. Horween's Cordovan is handsome and the most resilient leather out there. A pair will last a lifetime... or two. The 96741 in Burnished Tan is exclusive to Supply & Advise and is a fantastic option when life calls for a lighter shade of intimidation. To round it all out we offer the 9794, finished in Snuff Suede for when you need to speak a bit more softly. Regardless of the the one you choose, each of these Gunboats are killers. Whether you're going to be breaking a glass at a Jewish wedding or you've been told to "get your f****** shine box" for the last time, the Gunboat will surely suit your needs. 


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