• If cut or nicked while shaving use F̩ret's Alum Stone toåÊshrink the skin‰۪s tissues and stymie the flow of blood.åÊSince ancient times alum stone has been used as anåÊastringent, antiseptic, moisturizer & antiperspirant. Furthermore, it's non-allergic and doesn't stain clothing. Handcrafted in France since 1878, each Bloc Hyalin Alum Stone is madeåÊfromåÊ100% natural potassium salt extracted from quarries around the world.åÊEven if you emerge from your morning shave unscathed use the alum stone to cool and refresh your face and neck by simply wetting the block and applying the rounded side to your face.åÊ

    • 100g block (3.52oz)
    • No perfume, alcohol or parabens
    • Made in France