• Created in 1878 by British chemist Sir Henry Roberts, in the Pharmacy of the British Legation in Florence and still made in Florence with the finest ventilated talcum powder. It has a light, pleasant floral fragrance and it's excellentåÊabsorbent properties will keep your skin dry and irritation free. Can also be used for freshening your linens.åÊSoothing and refreshing with a silky feel, Borotalco is an excellent remedy for sensitive skin and has been used by Italian barbers for over a century.åÊ

    • 500g
    • Light floral scent
    • Does not contain Boric Acid
    • Made in Italy
  • Founded in 1843 by Sir Henry Roberts, the Pharmacy of the British Legation was located, up to recent times, in its historic site on Via Tornabuoni in Florence. It was on these premises that the British pharmacist created, in 1878, an original mixture of ventilated talc and boric acid, which some thirty years later was to be sold in its famous green box under the name of Borotalco.