• If this series of Baroque style Tapestry Print pocket squares were rugs we'd need all three. This gold and green version is an instant classic that will look great in your breast pocket whether the edges are exposed or tucked in. The wool/silk blend composition gives it a lightly textured hand and matte finish that's easy to work in with a wide variety of jackets.  

    • 70% Wool 30% Silk
    • 42cm x 42cm
    • Handrolled edges
    • Made in Italy
  • Drake’s is the biggest independent producer of handmade ties in England. Carrying out 18 quality checks on each of its ties, the quality of Drake's is legendary. Founded in 1977 to outfit the gentlemen of Savile Row with exquisite accessories, the brand is a British sartorial institution. Their timeless pieces will act as the final flourish to your suiting ensembles.