$ 150.00
  • While orSlow calls this the US Navy Hat the style was actually introduced by the US Army as part of its M1937 denim work uniform where it received the moniker "Daisy Mae" for it's resemblance to the shape of the flower. This version, inspired by the original, is crafted from a special 9oz selvedge denim that's been rinsed and features contrasting white stitching. It's quite crispy but will soften and develop nicely with each wear.     

    • 100% 9oz Exclusive Japanese Selvedge Denim
    • Medium: 59.5cm inner diameter
    • Made in Japan
  • Founded in 2005 by Ichiro Nakatsu, an Osaka native, orSlow is a brand that embraces simplicity in design. "Slow", embedded within their name, is a key philosophy of their design and production process as exemplified by studied development of proprietary fabrics and use of old machinery. In a world where fast fashion rules orSlow is quite happy producing garments that take cues from a time when things weren't disposable.