• Proraso Green Shave Cream is part of the line's Refreshing and Toning Formula. This creamy soap produces a thick lather and is enriched with natural ingredients that make it particularly concentrated and rich. It contains glycerine to help the blade glide smoothly and reduce razor burn and rashes. Developed for the beard on any man, the eucalyptus oil tones and purifies your facial hair while the menthol helps refresh and revitalize.

    • 150ml (5.2oz)
    • Green - Refreshing and Toning Formula
    • No parabens, silicons or mineral oils
    • Made in Italy
  • The year was 1948 when Piero Martelli, on the eve of an economic boom, invented the Proraso Pre Shave Cream. A product whose freshness embodied the spirit of a new found era in Italy. Today, as it did then, Proraso transforms the art of shaving into a pleasurable daily ritual and affords all Italians a perfectly close and refreshing shave.