• Tigerstripe camouflage was the signature combat uniform of Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. During the war it quickly gained popularity as a status symbol signifying the wearer had been "in the shit" and was also issued or sourced by other special operations forces on a limited basis. This variation of the pattern gained the name John Wayne for its use in the 1968 film, The Green Berets starring none other than The Duke. This meticulously recreated example is something that can only truly be appreciated by those who have been collecting actual examples way before it was mainstream. 

    • 100% Cotton 
    • Slim Fit (we recommend buying one size up)
    • Authentic Urea buttons
    • Bellows cargo pockets with button and flap closure at the chest
    • Bellows first aid bandage pocket with button and flap closure at the left sleeve
    • Military inspired South Vietnamese style ink stamp at interior neck
    • Made in Japan
  • The Real McCoy’s was created by Mr. Hitoshi Tsujimoto, an esteemed vintage collector and dealer, as a way to recreate the classic pieces from his archive of American fashion from the 40s & 50s. Inspiration alone was not enough to produce the ultimate reproduction, it required the sensitive minds of detail-orientated craftsmen in Japan. Additionally, The Real McCoy's reproduce materials and parts using the same methods and machinery from the past. While they create the ultimate reproduction, they seek to make it even better than the original. The Real McCoy's brand is split into distinct sub brands, to give each a clear identity. The Real McCoy's refers to the Military reproductions from the US Navy, Army and Airforce. Joe McCoy includes American sportswear, denim and workwear.