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  • The story behind this garter stitch scarf is quite interesting in that it was the result of a home front effort managed by the Red Cross to keep GIs warm during WWII. Knitting at home gave US civilians, mostly women, a way to contribute to the war effort. Instructions and patterns were provided by the Red Cross who then attached their labels to wool-knit scarfs, wristlets and sweaters and made sure they arrived in the hands of soldiers serving in the ETO. While examples during the war were plentiful finding an original in serviceable condition today is quite difficult. 

    • 52.5" x 7.5"
    • 100% Wool
    • Vintage style label at bottom
    • Made in Japan 
  • The Real McCoy’s was created by Mr. Hitoshi Tsujimoto, an esteemed vintage collector and dealer, as a way to recreate the classic pieces from his archive of American fashion from the 40s & 50s. Inspiration alone was not enough to produce the ultimate reproduction, it required the sensitive minds of detail-orientated craftsmen in Japan. Additionally, The Real McCoy's reproduce materials and parts using the same methods and machinery from the past. While they create the ultimate reproduction, they seek to make it even better than the original. The Real McCoy's brand is split into distinct sub brands, to give each a clear identity. The Real McCoy's refers to the Military reproductions from the US Navy, Army and Airforce. Joe McCoy includes American sportswear, denim and workwear.