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  • YS Park's 339 is similar to their 331 model and designed for styling fine hair. At 7.1" long it's ideally suited for travel and is constructed from durable yet flexible Ultem plastic originally developed by General Electric Plastics Division. Rounded teeth with a gradually decreasing pitch allow for smooth combing with even tension and the truncated first tooth makes getting your part right easy every time. 

    • 7.1" Long
    • 100% Ultem Plastic
    • Shortened first tooth for parting hair 
    • Made in Japan
  • Tokyo born, Young Soo Park's products are the result of over forty-five years of experience working with hair. Two of his central philosophies are producing maximum results with minimal effort and using the right tool for the right circumstance. His combs are manufactured from Ultem, a high-grade plastic developed by GE's Plastics Division, and are world renown among stylists and barbers.