• The beatniks and free thinkers who put Greenwich Village on the map as a center of popular culture during the 1960s inspire this 16th season from LVC. Included in this group were folk legends such as Alan Ginsberg, Lou Reed, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. While folk music and art was suppressed in the 50s due to the Red Scare it flourished during the tumultuous 60s. This collectible lookbook, full of amazing art direction; photography and inspiration, captures the period and its signature style to perfection. Add this volume to your collection before they're all gone! 

  • Levi's introduced Levi’s Vintage Clothing to keep the history of Levi's denim alive. Since 1999, the famous historical originals from the Levi's archives in San Francisco, dating back to 1880, are faithfully reincarnated in this limited edition range. Their inspiration is the hardworking man that the Levi’s Brand has equipped for the last 140 years.