The company was founded in 1940 under the name of Productos Tarragó. In its origins, the company was engaged in the manufacture of dyes for fabric for household use.

In the 60's, at the time when the crisis affected the fabric industry in Catalonia, the company shifted toward commercializing products for the repair and shoe care. During this period, they developed the Tarrago Universal Dye, the first water-based product that allowed to change the color of leather, even from white to black, which is still being sold. This invention revolutionized the footwear industry. Because of its great success, it became the spearhead for national and international expansion of the company.

From the 80's, Tarrago products began to develop a range of formulations and specific accessories for the proper care and repair of all types of footwear: mountain, sports, children´s shoes, horse riding, professional and industrial.

The company also pioneered the application of nanotechnology in the footwear care sector, with the development of waterproofing products such as Nano Protector.