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  • A skinnier 1.25" width combined with the use of subtly distressed leather and a ring style buckle give this belt a feel that's equally contemporary, refined and rugged. It's quite versatile and can be worn with everything from shorts and a tee to denim paired up with an oxford BD and sport coat. 

    • Tumbled Saddle Tan Calfskin
    • Purchase one size up from your waist size
    • 1.125" wide
    • English Silver plated Brass buckle 
    • Made in Italy
  • Given its Parma, Italy origin, Anderson’s may not be the most obvious name for a belt maker, but for Carlo Valenti it was an honor. When Valenti launched his company in 1966, he named it for an English tailor whose work he admired. The commitment to the then-aspirational name has led to a nearly 50-year history of belt-making expertise and made Anderson’s synonymous with high quality design and manufacturing. Today, the experience and traditions of this 50-employee operation combine with modern techniques to create each Anderson’s belt.